Lady Liberty SA

A mobile legal office traveling to margenalised communities providing pro bono legal information & services to women.

O problema que pretendemos resolver:

We deem legal access to be a basic Human Right enabling women to protect themselves; making them less prone to abuse.

A solução que o nosso projeto oferece:

Legal education on rights [and responsibilities] coupled with actual case resolution. Focusing on domestic violence, sexual assault, marriage, maintenance & divorce. Our goal is to increase access to justice for underpriviledged women.

O impacto que nosso projeto teve até hoje:

2000 women reached and provided legal advice. 25 cases resolved.

News Flash

Samantha Ngcolomba, founder of Lady Liberty, has been nominated as one of the ten women nominees for L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth! Vote for her, and Lady Liberty could win R50 000 to go towards making legal support accessible to women. VOTE HERE:

“Access to Justice for All”

"Any law that doesn't work for the people it's intended for, is as useless as medicine locked up in a cupboard while people needing it suffer".

Lady Liberty SA aims to increase access to justice for margenalised women. We use technology and a mobile legal office, which travels to poor and remote communities with a to provide (Pro Bono) legal education and services to the women there.

Our focus is on Domestic Violence (Protection Orders), Marriage (Customary vs. Civil) and Divorce (Process, Asset Distribution, Maintenance & Children’s Rights).

We’re proud to now offer assistance with Labour Law cases too via our partners “Uluntu Law Clinic”. We’re currently working on a mobile app, USSD and completing our Facebook Free Basics mobi-platform so our legal education and services can reach more women virtually!

Our why
@ Sam N. Ngcolomba

How we do what we do:

  1. Actual Community visits arranged as follows:
  • We use radio, social media, print and broadcast media to find our women and raise awareness about our services
  • When we get to our chosen community, we conduct a ±30minute presentation on the mentioned topics
  • We then open up the floor to questions and answers
  • Then we take on new and pending cases for resolution on behalf of women who qualify for probono assistance.
  1. Using technology to increase our reach:
  • Facebook Free Basics awarded us a mobi-site which will be free for women on CellC and minimally charged for the rest
  • We’re building a USSD platform and SMS platform for women with feature phones to also access our legal information and services

The impact we’ve had so far:

We’ve reached ± 1 600 women (aged between 18 years - 6o years) in the following Gauteng townships: Alexandra, Diepsloot, Lenasia, Westbury, Soweto, Yeoville, Tsakane.

In collaboration with Soul City in 2015, we were able to work with young women in Mpumalanga, Free State, Pretoria and Eastern Cape. All women received legal information and we received feedback from a few (±5) who resolved a matter on their own based on the information received.

The majority (±250 that we know about) await our additional services such as linking them to lawyers for matter resolution. Lady Liberty SA’s capacity is limited to fulfil these services however we work in partnership with Norton Rose Fulbright who have thousands of lawyers on their network(s) that they attempt to link to us to solve matters pro bono.

Excited to announce the mobile app development is near :) Currently working with Facebook Free Basics mobi-site while developing a USSD and SMS platform!
@ Sam N. Ngcolomba

Interested to support us?

You can get involved in the following ways:

  1. We need lawyers to sign-up to solve matters or join the community roadshows (or both).

Not a lawyer, that’s ok:

  1. We are in need of different services like marketing, web development or other skills.

  2. We need Corporates and/or other investors to ‘sponsor a case’ should we be unable to get pro-bono lawyers, then we can pay fees on behalf of the ladies.

  3. While we work on our Facebook Free Basics mobi-site to virtually reach women via their phones, we need a developer or moola to pay a developer to develop an IOS and Andriod App.

  4. Our ladies often need shelters, counselling and skills development, so Organisations focusing on all or any of the above may get in touch.

On the ground with some of our colourful ladies!
@ Sam N. Ngcolomba

Through our work ‘Lady Liberty SA’, Sam N. Ngcolomba was recently honoured as one of L’Oreal Paris’ inaugural Women of Worth SA Honourees!

Thank you to everyone who voted :)

L'Oreal Paris 'Women of Worth' SA
Lady Liberty Corporate Workshop, feedback session.
@ Sam N. Ngcolomba
Women in Corporate need to know their rights too. Thank you Microsoft SA! Get in touch if you'd like us to conduct a Women's Rights Workshop for your staff too:
@ Sam N. Ngcolomba



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