We eradicate and replace backyard shacks with formal structures to create sustainable income for low income households

O problema que pretendemos resolver:

Lack of access to finance for low income households to improve their homes. Informal back yard structures dominating properties around townships. Limited access to alternative and affordable accommodation. Unsafe living infrastructure. Youth unemployment and skills development opportunities

A solução que o nosso projeto oferece:

Creating passive/sustainable income for households around townships. Provide quality and durable formal structures. Provide dignified affordable accommodation. Improved structures that are not hazardous to humans and the environment. We hire, up-skill and create job opportunities for the youth.

O impacto que nosso projeto teve até hoje:

We are initiating a pilot project which involves skilled/unskilled youth in our local community.


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Sobre o projeto

Building a socially responsible business from the ground up!

Bob Marley — 'The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively'

Hustlenomics is a private company (Registration number 2015/332580/07) founded by Nhlanhla Ndlovu. The company specialises in building construction and provides the following services, general building construction (from new buildings to renovations, extensions and buildings re-overhaul), buildings inspections, architecture, project management (from design to construction execution), and Property Development.

The company identified a gap in the backyard rental accommodation in townships and the aim of the project is to provide alternative housing to backyards around townships in Gauteng. Research has shown that building structures in backyards of townships serves for different purposes, i.e. family growth, rentals, etc. There are more than 35 000 families living in backyard rooms and shacks across Johannesburg alone, but with the launch of the program, tenants will be able to get improved accommodation.

As an alternative to better construction of accommodation which are flats and apartments, people in and out of the township prefer to find accommodation within townships and these will be normally backyard rooms. The idea is to build in township a conventional two room backyard and a garage that will be initially at a cost to the Hustlenomics but in the long run benefit the company and home owners. The initial cost will includes building materials, labor, and searching costs for tenants to occupy the space for rental.

backyard shacks to be replaced in the pilot project
aspired end result
end result with proper infrastructure


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