Tony Florence

A Social Enterprise innovator, technical and business mentor based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


I live by my purpose to provide solutions and fill gaps.

Tony Florence is a passionate social entrepreneur , 30 years in the making who believes that social business is the answer to the world’s challenges. As such Tony’s purpose in life is to use his engineering and innovation skills to create meaningful solutions to empower budding social entrepreneurs who need to clear the inevitable hurdles they face. His 30 years of experience includes business mentorship across SA, supporting grassroots entrepreneurs to achieve their goals & become viable businesses. He has designed & custom-built low-tech equipment solutions for emerging farmers and food processing ventures that cannot be bought from the shelf, making it possible for these ventures to fly to new heights. He taps into networks developed over 3 decades, these networks include government departments, funding agencies, development agencies, universities and corporate sponsors.


Tony Florence created a new discussion As a social enterprise, are you making money?
As a social enterprise, are you making money?
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Before we help others, we must strengthen what we have by way of services and support

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