Sam N. Ngcolomba

Human Rights Lawyer based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


I just hate injustice.

Human Rights Attorney admitted to practice law in South Africa and Zimbabwe (2012)

10 years experience in Family Law, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Advisory & Human Rights work.

LLM Constitutional Law & Human Rights (UCT: 2017) under the supervision of Professor Pierre de Vos of Laws and LLB Graduate from the University of Cape Town (UCT: 2003 – 2007)

Media Features:

  • Forbes Woman Africa Feature | October/ November 2016 Edition
  • Destiny Connect and Destiny Magazine Feature | November 2016
  • Fair Lady Magazine Feature | November 2016
  • Sunday Times National Newspaper Feature | November 2016
  • Drum ‘Inspiration Feature’ | January 2017
  • ENCA Morning Live News: ’16 Days of Activism’ Lady Liberty SA National Feature | November 2016


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Sam N. Ngcolomba wrote a new status update

Thank you @DestinyConnect for the feature & @RedBullAmaphiko for the continued support! Here’s hoping for more connections :) Happy Friday

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