Robert Blacklidge

Social Entrepreneur based in Tampa, Florida, United States

Persistent Passion and Intentional Serendipity

Robert recently launched Course Align, Course Align empowers educators to create data driven curriculum that clearly aligns to evolving business needs. Through the data-driven platform Course Align identifies the local market job needs: who’s hiring, what skills they need, and how many people they are looking to hire all in real time. Empowering university administrators to make informed decisions on how to tailor their curriculum.

Course Align was a finalist for Startup Bus and Placed first in the 5th annual Veteran Entrepreneurs Training Symposium.

Course Align has been accepted to and will be participating in the next cohorts of the Tampa Bay WAVE and Veterans Florida.

Robert Blacklidge, a serial entrepreneur, works closely with first time entrepreneurs at Operation Startup located in Tampa Florida. Here he provides insights and mentorship to military veterans.