Lawrence Grey

Music Educator, Entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA, USA

The mind grows as big as the box it thinks it's in

Producer and educator Lawrence Grey was inspired to create Young Producers Group (YPG) after teaching music production at an alternatives to incarceration center in Brooklyn called the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA). In the studio at CCA, music was the only thing that mattered. Socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences, things that usually keep people apart, served as creative tools to bring them together. This experience had a profound impact on Lawrence, inspiring him to go to UCLA and get a masters degree in education. Having received a Bachelor’s degree in music from NYU with a focus on electronic music composition, he was in a unique position to start YPG. Founded in 2013, YPG now works with hundreds of students across Los Angeles at 11 schools and 5 nonprofits.

Lawrence is also an avid techno producer, regularly DJing and releasing records.