Youth in the Creative Arts

Stimulate the arts in townships, youth engagement.

The problem we aim to solve:

Encourage entrepreneurship; reduce alcohol and drug abuse; reduce teenage pregnancy & share HIV/AIDS awareness.

The solution our project offers:

We mobilise,engage and empower the youth by ensuring we keep them busy with rehearsals, workshops and exhibitions that are done locally, provincially and nationally. We aim to take them to international platforms to showcase their artworks whilst collobarating with other youth from abroad.

The impact our project had so far:

Work with 3 schools and nine artists have been given an internship programme by mictseta which allowed them a stipend.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

We have developed a relationship with 3 high schools and two art centres, one in Mdantsane and the other in Gompo whereby we search for talent in dance, music and drama that is how we mobilised the youth.

The rehearsals are dance, drama and music rehearsals which happen at the art centres and we have our exhibitions at the art centre amphitheatre and once a year at the Buffalo City Metro Christmas carnival.

National Arts Council has been funding us and we also charge a few for performing at the carnival this is how we sustain our initiatives. NEMISA together with MICTSETA approached the incubator we are part off called ECITI and they were rolling out this internship in the Eastern Cape and they wanted our entity to partner with them.

Workshops are conducted by Nomatamsanqa Nomlala - Sebakwane whereby she shares the importance of personal development and information sharing about entrepreneurship. In addition sometimes artists are sent to workshops for business development.

Project activity

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Our youth can paint and part of fundraising towards there travelling, rehearsals set design we sell there paintings at a…

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