Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea

We train coffee farmers to craft premium tea from the upcycled prunings during the off-season, creating year-round work.

The problem we aim to solve:

The seasonality in the coffee industry is one of the biggest challenges for farmers. During the 9-month off-season, the industry is at a stand-still and there's an average of 3 months of hunger in this season. By using the leaves, they can work year-round, stay fed, and kids can stay in school.

The solution our project offers:

The extra income provides a solution to the seasonal dependence and volatility of the coffee industry and empowers farmers to learn a new skilled trade. It also helps mitigate the seasonal migration that splits families up and forces kids to constantly change schools, leading them to dropping out.

The impact our project had so far:

We've employed over 100 people, created over 10,000 work hours, and the school graduation rate has been 100% this year.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Think outside the bean

There are 25 million coffee farmers worldwide, and they can only harvest the beans three months a year. For the other 9 months, roughly 80% of the workers are unemployed. This seasonality causes systemic food security issues and only perpetuates a cycle of instability.

During this disruptive off-season, the remaining staff are pruning the leaves and throwing them away, but what if we could turn this waste into award-winning taste?

This all started in 2013 when when we discovered the remarkable health benefits of the coffee leaf and how it’s been consumed for hundreds of years. It’s full of polyphenols and lightly caffeinated like green tea, yet it tastes much smoother.

By applying different processing methods, we’re creating a variety of teas and discovering unique health benefits that can be leveraged across food, health and cosmetic industries. With our high-volume capacity and scalability, we can supply even the biggest players to help us grow this market and completely revolutionize the economics of coffee forever.

We have uncovered a whole new ocean of tea to explore, and with your help, we will eliminate seasonal dependence for 25 million coffee farmers worldwide. Think outside the bean and drink Coffee Leaf Tea.

We contribute to the local arts in Nicaragua by sponsoring murals and elevating the profile of the artists with our network and packaging. Below is a mural we sponsored with our Wize Collective members, and have recently launched a new package with their work printed on the inside, accompanied with a story of how it came together.

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