WellBuilt Bikes

Make reliable transportation available to all through Earn-A-Bike program & sliding scale repairs. Putting folks to work

The problem we aim to solve:

Our city is one of the most dangerous places in the country to be a cyclist. Tampa police were investigated by DOJ for targeting poor/black cyclists. Rich & poor cyclists are very divided as communities. Homeless friends that we have worked alongside for years still need earned income. No TPA Co-op

The solution our project offers:

Make reliable transportation available to homeless and working poor. Connect divided rich and poor cycling populations to make for a more inclusive and united community. Employ homeless bike mechanics by selling refurbished bikes and offering repairs. Teach Bike safety. Create a bike co-op for Tampa

The impact our project had so far:

Over 1000 bikes put on the streets through build-a-bike co-op with homeless neighbors. Built a solid community/team


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Bikes for the people.

We started as the The Well’s Recycle Bin, a bike shop for the poor that began, almost by accident, with one of The Well’s volunteers who rode bikes helping a neighbor in need with theirs. Little by little this flame was fanned as we realized the need for bike services for those without money, and the initiative snow-balled. In time the shop was almost completely run by neighbors who had originally come in to get a bike for themselves and through their continued participation, took ownership of the work, and the shop itself. A beautiful cycling community arose out of our shared work. A family of men and women you might see riding around Tampa on group rides, affectionately referring to themselves as ‘The Well’s Angels.’

Not only do these groups rides provide opportunities to build relationships and promote safer riding, these dignifying experiences have led us to see a need for something more than just a bike shop for the poor.

Well Built Bikes is a social enterprise aiming to create bridges between the different cyclists in Tampa. Our goal is to build a safer and more inclusive cycling community by making bikes and the activities and services associated something that all people can access.

Our bikes are used and affordable. Our repair costs are low and flexible. There are ways to get involved by purchasing a bike, volunteering your time, donating bikes/parts, or sponsoring Earn-A-Bikers. Group rides and community workshops, coming soon!!

We’re hoping to see this city Well Built.

"The Well's Angels"
The ReCycle Bin, where is all started

Below are a few URLs from some press mentions of our co-op we started at the Well’s drop in center. “The ReCycle Bin” is where the WellBuilt story started:




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We put a good amount of bikes out into the community through our earn-a-bike program as well as by simply giving childre…

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Grafik Tasarım

As we are working to build our reputation and support base we are looking for help to create print materials to advertis…

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Grafik Tasarım

We have been having a hard time settling on a good logo for the shop. We are currently using the name only and we look f…

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Fon Toplama

We currently work out of a storage space that cannot be used as for our retail sales needs. We currently run pop-up shop…

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