Trash For Cash

We collect trash from environment and build company logos from it. Half of the money goes to charity!

The problem we aim to solve:

• Poverty • Pollution

The solution our project offers:

• We employ needy people (and paying them a really fair salary) • We draw attention to pollution • We generate money for charities & environmental organzations

The impact our project had so far:

• In 2017 our clients donated 10.000,-€ on behalf of TrashForCash • We were able to "employ" two refugees from Ghana

@ Me

“People around you, stare more sceptical, if you pick up trash from the street, than if you had thrown trash away”

Sönke Rosenkranz, CTC (Chief Trash Collector) - Trash For Cash

With the help from needy people, we collect trash from environment an build company logos and portraits from it. All artworks are published on our website:

Half of the money goes to charity - directly by our clients.