Trash For Cash

We collect trash from environment and build company logos from it. Half of the money goes to charity!

The problem we aim to solve:

• Poverty • Pollution

The solution our project offers:

• We employ needy people (and paying them a really fair salary) • We draw attention to pollution • We generate money for charities & environmental organzations

The impact our project had so far:

• In 2017 our clients donated 10.000,-€ on behalf of TrashForCash • We were able to "employ" two refugees from Ghana


There are currently no open needs. Get in touch with Sönke Rosenkranz if you can contribute and help out.

Who is behind this project?

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About the project

“People around you, stare more sceptical, if you pick up trash from the street, than if you had thrown trash away”

Sönke Rosenkranz, CTC (Chief Trash Collector) - Trash For Cash

With the help from needy people, we collect trash from environment an build company logos and portraits from it. All artworks are published on our website:

Half of the money goes to charity - directly by our clients.

Project activity

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