Together.Social is an application where people can meet new people through joint activities.

The problem we aim to solve:

In time of social media, one would think people are connected in a very well manner. We observed the opposite of this, friends get more short-lived and video stories seem to be more valuable than time together. We can see people getting lonelier and less active which leads to a decrease of vitality.

The solution our project offers:

Our users can create events or join events created by others. Through a well defined interest system, where users can set their interests, one can only see relevant events. Therefore we have a pretty high chance of activities to come into existence.

The impact our project had so far:

At the moment we are organizing “Get-Together” activities. This are public casual activities where anyone can join.


Who is behind this project?

We love community engagement: The more you interact, the more stars you get! (E.g.: Write a comment, publish a project or apply for a need)

About the project

Experience more with Together.Social

Our application will be available in June 2018. Register on our website to be with the first Together.Social users.

After release you can only participate via invite from other users, or by joining us at one of our Get-Together activities.

One of our Get-Together hikes in the Glasenbach Klamm in Salzburg.

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We need someone that can help us with marketing. In terms of money or ideas or contribution on other places than Salzbur…

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Nice Project Guys. Awesome work! Congrats