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The project aims to involve young people at risk of social exclusion into arts activites using dance as start.

The problem we aim to solve:

Failed integration , drugs , alcohol abuse , school dropout, crime

The solution our project offers:

We offer a safe space in which to receive educational support through an informal educational program based on the arts


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

What we do

Termini Underground is the flagship project of the NPO ALI Onlus that ten years is carried out within the Rome Termini station. Born as an experimental project of prevention for young people at risk of social exclusion , over the years has involved hundreds of young people and young people from the most marginalized social classes also giving them the opportunity to meet and engage with young people from social situations knows more stable and secure , fundamental to the process of integration.

How we do it

Thanks to an educational method based experimental artistic activities such as

  • dance
  • music,
  • drama,
  • and the visual arts,

young people and young people with serious educational deficiencies or from social and cultural realities poor or broken families , they were able to receive support education can develop in them the human qualities essential , and the ability to start or resume a healthy relationship with the society.


Over the years have been involved in our laboratories and shows hundreds of guys including many first and second generation of immigrants , refugees , young people come out of the community for recovering addicts . since 2005 they have made workshops, performances , videos and documentaries with a social and involving young people with training in our laboratories.

“Hip hop in general and especially the break dance have proved the best disciplines for approach and enthuse young people and teenagers”

Since 2011 the organization is transforming the experience of young people trained in stable employment opportunities for some of them offering courses in social prices , as provided in the statutes , as well as a source of income for young people , allow continue to fund social activities that continue in the same spaces of the stazione termini .

Besides the working group to termini station , from our laboratories we were born a stable crew of hip hop made up of 12 elements including our teachers and a band of five elements whose leader rapper Juru , versatile artist who trained in dance workshops initially . of rwandan origin , escaped the massacre of 1990 with his family , arrived in italy two years and to this day still has the status of political refugee and one of the outstanding elements of our group .

Project activity

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We need reataurare the floor of the dance studio , finishing the electrical system and change the output port security. …

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Angela Cocozza with some members of the crew Termini Underground

Nice project! Congrats!

dance can be so much more than just dance!