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volunteers, dance space, supplies, social media assistance

How you can help

We have been doing several outreach programs, promotional shows, workshops, and expos throughout the 10 years. However, with our big hearts we still can’t manage to reach our goals without having a 501c3 statues and support. We too need transportation, office and dance space, equipment, office supplies, production needs, marketing, advertisement, and volunteers. Please keep in mind, the actual Sunshine Project H.E.L.P {Healing. Educating. Loving. People} voting body is less than 10 supporters with disabilities. While we are pleased to donate our time, efforts, and energies into what we do, it is becoming increasing exhausting. Our goal is to have our 501c3 statues which will empower us to do and reach out so much more. The statues will allow us to apply for grants, expand programs like Wheel-Power, and to decrease the expenses for the seminars, conference, and workshop classes. By having the statues will too allow us to apply for grants directly for to our building fund. We can offer our donors a tax deduction by helping us! Obviously, this could change the future of Sunshine Project H.E.L.P {Healing. Educating. Loving. People}.

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