Street HeArt Africa

Bringing Life to walls with colour to underprivileged communities.

The problem we aim to solve:

We are passionate in creating art for people and giving back to the community. We are driven and concentrate our efforts on education and upliftment in underprivileged areas.

The solution our project offers:

"We use our art as a way to connect people and make them more aware of the spaces they live in and around them"

The impact our project had so far:

We have reached 12 communities in RSA, Lesotho & Swaziland. Transforming rundown spaces into places through murals.

About the project

Bringing life to walls with colour for communities that can’t afford it.

Peace, Love & Respect

In 2015 the two artists at Caps and Cans started a project called “Street HeArt Africa”. This project involved travelling frequently to underprivileged areas in South Africa and abroad where they started to uplift communities by renovating walls and painting large scale custom murals on them.

We transformed the walls of the new School of Good Hope in Coffee Bay, Transkei.

They are passionate in creating art for people and giving back to the community. They are driven and concentrate their efforts on education and upliftment in underprivileged areas. “We use our art as a way to connect people and make them more aware of the spaces they live in and around them.” Working with the youth is deeply rooted in our education programmes and workshops. We believe that true passion is learnt at a young age. Our aim is to inspire and enable the youth to find ways to express themselves as well as educate and inform the more mature generation about this developing form of art.

Transforming the school front wall at the "South Side Event" – Rosettenville Johannesburg.
We teamed up with the Dept. of Health Joburg and started to help clean up the “South” – Rosettenville Johannesburg.
Helping the community of Turffontein who have nothing.

The project started only with painting murals on walls but has now led the artists to now try get vegetable seeds, compost etc. for these communities so they can start growing their own food.

Refugee Day at Mpaka Refugee Camp, Swaziland
Kitty and Puppy Haven, Midrand Johannesburg

This is totally for free for underprivileged communities it comes out of the artists own pockets. They are constantly having to pay for paint supplies, painting tools, transport, accommodation etc. when they do these murals for these communities. They are always looking for sponsors and/or donations as we give more and more back to the communities in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Kwamiya Primary School, Emazizini – Drakensberg
Spaza shops across South Africa
Every year Heritage Day we bring more and more art to the Vosloorus community.

About Caps and Cans:

With the idea of supplying perfect tools for graffiti artists, the Caps and Cans (“C&C”) story began in 2011. C&C started importing Molotow, a German developed spray paint - manufactured specifically for street art as well as fine artists. Molotow is considered as the world leading professional spray paint supplier. C&C rapidly became successful in the paint distribution business for South Africa and the rest of Africa. With the necessity to have an outlet, C&C started selling directly to the public, particularly to people who engage in graffiti, murals, airbrushing or any other form of art. Situated in Johannesburg – South Africa, C&C has become well known as the supplier for all your graffiti needs. We also offer customized murals, sign writing, workshops, team building, street tours and brand new online store. Our customers benefit from our company philosophy of high-quality service, speedy delivery and reliability. There two main artists at Caps and Cans and between them, they have over 20 years of experience in art and design.

If you have anything to donate or sponsor we would really appreciate it and we are willing to go as far as having professional stencils cut at our own costs with your company logo and info so that when we have completed each mural, it will show who sponsored etc.

We are looking for the following: PVA roller paint/ paint brushes and rollers/ drop sheets, dustbin bags/ building materials/ hardware tools/ food and cold drink hampers/ vegetable seeds, seedlings/ compost, potting soil/ garden tools etc.

Teaching students how to spray paint , Drakensberg rural areas

Project activity

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We would really appreciate it if you have anything to donate or sponsor in the lines of the following: PVA Roller Paint…

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