Real Youth International -Recreation Management Organisation

Our project offers recreation development models and strategies for township communities

The problem we aim to solve:

Poor recreation in townships, irregularity of programmes, lack of strategic implimentation,

The solution our project offers:

Applying proper management practices for organising recreational programmes,in economically disadvantaged communities.

The impact our project had so far:

Refurbishment of five school basketball courts in Khayelitsha, thus increase daily casual use


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

While physical poverty farmiliarises township children to a negative culture, sport has the ability to break that cycle by engaging will-power, ambition to belong to an uplifting environment.

The Real Youth International projects will manage sports programmes that create an environment that realises the potential excellence of learners and challenge standard expectation perception

Girls have common fear for participating in sport. With regular programmes, optimism is achieved.

Real Youth International started when Dumisani, coming from a backround of loving sport from De Aar, Northern Cape, noticed the lack of recreational activities in the township of Khayelitsha. He initiated an afterschool coaching clinic to teach boys how to play basketball, his favourite sport he learnt in De Aar.

The demand grew as many kids from Khayelitsha came in numbers willing to join. Dumisani therefore extended the voluteer activity to schools as to secure the long-term goals.

One of our focus school is popular for violent gang attacks (gorans), we challenge this by organising sports matches weekly as a norm.

Why Dumisani created Real Youth International:

“I was very passionate about sport from primary school, I enjoyed the feeling of being ackowledged. Sport allows children to be noticed positively, and in townships where a lack of acknowledgement leads to youth finding their potential negatively, the needs to share RYI philosophy remains fundamental.”

Co-Founded through the Real Youth International project, Imbewu Recreational Concepts Pty Ltd, designs, installs and refurbishes sports equipment and fields, increasing local employment opportunities in the required skillmanship

The philosophy of Real Youth International is to first identify potential and allow youth and children to discover their own. While allocating prorammes, the aim of Real Youth International is to deliver holostic benefits of recreational activities to simulteniously advance the community through individual mental capacity.

Proof of concept, Kulca Knights Basketball Club consists of learners in the RYI project

Project activity

Dumisani Wambi wrote a new status update

The Give n Go - Youth and Kids Basketball Coaching and Entertainment 25 March 2017

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Web Development

We have various projects to sustain the project, we need to world to gather in a single platform to read about our work.…

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Fotografia & Vídeo

We seek a director to produce a documentary for raising funds required to sustain the project. The documentary is awaiti…

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Basic Basketball Coaching Clinics 1-2July 2016

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As per RYI strategy, our club development phases in …

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Township Basketball League is picking up momentum, atleast one match a week …

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