Rap Smart Academy: Debate Format Rap Workshops

We develop the skills required for rapping, language, literature and freetyle rap activities.

The problem we aim to solve:

Lack of substance in the quality of music delivered. Communication.

The solution our project offers:

Basic Music Industry knowledge. Workshop invite speakers to say a few words based on the topic.

The impact our project had so far:

More collaborative work has spun off from the few participants.


Who is behind this project?

We love community engagement: The more you interact, the more stars you get! (E.g.: Write a comment, publish a project or apply for a need)

Project activity

Mafoko Morale wrote a new status update

Help me to promote this initiative. We need more educated people in the world.

Mafoko Morale just created a new need

The rap debate team will embark on a series of roadshows at schools to host debates on topics of hip hop and its impact …

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