provides access to skills training in technology to under-resourced schools and communities in rural and peri-urban area

The problem we aim to solve:

Unemployment in South Africa is high 33.1% people had less than a matric with 58% of unemployed people aged between 15 and 34. The unskilled become left behind in the competitive environment of the job market as they lack the necessary qualifications and experience to help them secure a job.

The solution our project offers:

We provide in school youth and unemployed women affordable, accredited access to skills training in technology by offering them training in: computer literacy, ICT, online and digital E-learning, Job Preparedness and entrepreneurship.

The impact our project had so far:

Trained 863 students to date, employing 2 shop assistants, 4 sales support team members & 10 agents to assistants.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

PRIYO’s mission is to create an enabling environment for youth and unemployed individuals of South Africa so that they can be self - dependent; contribute to the development of the economy by obtaining academic skills that will allow employment; fight crime and poverty and become active participant in the development efforts of the nation. By equipping them with the tools and resources to excel in every area of life. It focuses on developing youth intellectually, emotionally, academically and financially.

young People of the Madantsane Community being trained on computer literacy skills by one of the mentors

At PRIYO we started asking ourselves “Where does unemployment begin?” most people would answer that it starts when one is unemployed but the sad reality is that unemployment starts in schools. We realized that in most cases our education system does not equip one with the knowledge to succeed in this modern day of technology as most schools are under-resourced and do not have access to technology.This posed a problem for them as they had to start paying to private institutions that cost too much money.

Therefore PRIYO intervened by bridging this knowledge gap by providing access to technology to underprivileged communities we provide young people and unemployed women skills on how to use the computer, how to apply for jobs online, how to write CV’s, prepare for interviews, how to register their own businesses.

We are currently working with schools, the municipality and the community at large. Our wish is to introduce the programme to other schools and to grow to other provinces as to have a computer literate society. As this provides opportunities for people to communicate with each other, allow businesses to market themselves directly to their target market, and for employers to recruit online, students’ source opportunities for bursaries and learnerships while learning to utilize the computer and its various programmes. As the ICT sector has become one of the fastest growing sectors and unfortunately most South Africans are missing out on opportunities that will assist them to be employable and access the world that exist beyond their boundaries.

unemployed women and youth receiving training in IT skills so that they can be able to type cv's and apply for jobs online

Cleaning Services including Lawn and grass cutting Most individuals working in the domestic sector are untrained and mostly are left at the mercy of their employer and do not have a collective voice and most of them feel like they do not have a voice and thus are obligated to do what the employer wants even if it undermines their individual and human dignity. PRIYO has a cleaning service that offers domestic services to employers and ensures that the human rights and dignity of the employees are protected, while providing an efficient and professional service to the employer.

Construction sector skills The ward councilor initiated in partnership with local business and PRIYO as one of the stakeholders an initiative that will ensure that local business partner with developed national business and gain skills that will allow them to grow and expand.As such We would like to train youth in skills such as brick making & laying, painting, tiling, roofing, building and so forth. This will allow young people to source out and create employment opportunities for themselves instead of depending on government and the private sector to employ them. As such the NHRBC has agreed to facilitate and train 60 youth in construction skills.

PRIYO and other stakeholders in a ward meeting to partner small businesses with large corporations



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  • PRIYO won the Jury’s Choice Award at The Start Up Of The Year Africa 2018 receiving a visibility pack to the value of €50k and a sponsorship from Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) with the opportunity to become part of the PWC network;
  • Accepted to join the Mandela Washington Fellowship (through the Young African Leaders Initiative) and will be travelling to the US in June 2018.

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That is indeed innovation for social change,I applaud to you guys the world is in dire need of such initiative people like you.keep intervening for public change and good and striving for betterment in your communities.

" we have a powerful potential in our youth and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power towards good end~ Mary McLeod Bethune"