Profit with Purpose

Our Incubator Hub takes ladies from no work or part-time domestic work to being self-employed Business Women

The problem we aim to solve:

Job creation in an area of 68%+ unemployment

The solution our project offers:

Creates income, status and financial independence by teaching craft & digital skills alongside entrepreneurship.

The impact our project had so far:

2 people now self employed, 2 young people now in further education and 2 people now building their Brands.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Profit with Purpose launches an Incubator Hub-with-a-Difference.

Artisan Baking - one of the crafts taught at PwP
Dressmaking - another craft taught at PwP Incubator Hub
Felecity makes tinctures - another craft taught at PwP Incubator Hub

Started in 2016 by Dr Elizabeth Morris with just one craft - Artisan Bread - the little Craft Skills School has developed into an Incubator Hub taking local ladies from no work, or part-time domestic work to running their own business. One step at a time.

Appalled by the lack of opportunities for local people in the hot, dry and dusty Karoo Elizabeth decided to find a way to help local people achieve their dreams.

Through discussions and trials, the idea of a Craft Skills School was born and the first classes in bread making were held for local domestic workers. So great was the enthusiasm for learning something new that the idea of teaching more skills and combining these with a very practical training in Entrepreneurship soon picked up traction. The ladies began to talk about their dreams of becoming Businesswomen and the Incubator Hub with a Difference was born.

There are three main differences we introduced to keep this project Real.

  • We begin by training a Craft Skill
  • We focus on ‘supplementing’ part-time income first, before aiming to ‘replace’ it and finally, to ‘exceed’ it.
  • We coach the ladies in Brand Building right from the start so their entrepreneurship training is very practical.
Everyone enjoys the fresh bread!

From bread making to dressmaking, to making herbal remedies, to basket weaving and slipper making… the list goes on and on. And now to the latest craft of ‘gardening with a difference’ by teaching domestic fish farming and aquaponics the Incubator Hub has gone from strength to strength. The next step will be to open up opportunities for young people to learn Digital Skills and train them to become Online Freelancers - A different kind of Creative Skill for the Global Village.

Aided by funding from a British philanthropist, who has built up her own company and wanted to give back, the plans to scale up are in place:

  • increase the number of people trained and coached,
  • increase the number crafts and skills taught
  • increase the number of coachees who meet their goals to exceed the family income and be financially independent.
Weaving baskets with our own olive branches
From branch to finished product

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Hello I am interested, how can i join the team, in distribution basically.

Hi there! Thank you for contacting us. If you are interested in joining the team please come to the Meet and Greet in Graaff Reinet in May and we will be delighted to welcome you.