Phoenix Aviators

Introducing the aviation industry to township schools and raising awareness of opportunities available in this field .

The problem we aim to solve:

The lack of information made available to youth about the aviation industry and the accessibility of funding to people who have the passion of being future aviators.

The solution our project offers:

Introducing model flying as an extramural activity in township schools across South Africa

The impact our project had so far:

We are delighted to say that we have acquired our very first model trainer aircraft. We have 2 flying recruits.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

The Aviation industry on its own is a cut-throat industry to get into let alone finding information about it or financing it especially for people in the townships or rural areas.

Most people who get a chance to work in the industry either, received assistance from the SANDF or they pay for their own tuition fees which most households won’t be able to finance . In most cases people end up abandoning their dreams to go and pursue a life which is unsatisfactory because of the financial circumstance or lack of information.

Phoenix Aviators plans on bridging that gab of financial difficulty and the lack of information to people by creating an environment were people who are (young and old) passionate about the industry can interact and share information from a Captain of a boeing 747 to a regular joe in the streets of Mamelodi .

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Our plan

Our immediate plan is to introduce model flying (a sport that involves the flying of model scale aircrafts) as an extra mural activity to high schools throughout South Africa as a way to spark interest and expose them to the industry.

Secondly the organisation plans on taking more people to airshows and events relating to aviation to further expose them to what a life of an aviator looks like on a particular day as most people especially in the townships usually don’t get such opportunities which is a good place to network and build relationships with people who might already be studying or working in the same field you might be interested in.

Our funding

So far the whole project is funded by its members through monthly contributions and the sales of caps , T-shirt and Golfers. In the near future we plan on having some fun days and working hand in hand with our local municipality to use their facilities to raise funds and expose the organisation to new people.

A splendid time was had by all at the URCSA Mamelodi East
"Special recognition for contributions made in the aviation industry "

Project activity

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The class space can be a rejuvenated shipping container that we can use to teach students about the basic principles of …

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