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The project core function is to assist and support entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

The primary objective is to provide access to support the empowerment and development of entrepreneurs and small businesses to improve the quality of livelihoods. By supporting entrepreneurs, profitable and sustainable micro enterprises, create networks and partnerships and to profoundly impact communities by initiating projects which will sustain and empower.


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Who is behind this project?

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About the project

By providing foundational, entrepreneurial skills, we aim to help mitigate negative long-term social and economic impacts. Growing small emerging businesses to a point of sustainability, allowing other small businesses opportunities to step in and be supported by the platform created.

Facilitating programs that aim to break the cycle of poverty, networking and linking entrepreneurs with public and private partners in order to unlock economic opportunities, improving access to business, find meaningful work, sell products and services at decent margins, access finance for small businesses to grow and create a learning environment for people to improve and build their entrepreneurial business skills, network and gain exposure.

Encouraging and providing means for individuals to connect with – self, family, friends, and colleagues around the world, with a view to improving lives by promoting growth, happiness and success. Connect to attract mutual beneficial relationships supporting each other to grow with a commitment to personal growth, developing individuals, teams and businesses. Creating a network of trusted experts in a particular field prepared to pass knowledge onto others and refer each other while expanding reach and growing business.

Developing a culture of helping others “community spirit”, sharing resources, knowledge, skills and enabling access to relevant information. Initiating projects which will benefit communities and individuals by providing support, opportunities, business enterprise and skills development. Utilising the centre will provide self-growth and community service. By investing in yourself, you invest in your community.

Addressing basic NEEDs:

Addressing basic NEEDs: • Nurturing success • Enriching lives • Empowering people • Developing communities

The project supports, develops and inspires ambitious individuals and small businesses to grow successfully and sustainably and impact positively on society.

“By investing in yourself you invest in your community”

The project focusses on providing inspiration and opportunities needed to succeed. Programs are designed to assist individuals and businesses to develop and grow, helping them tackle the challenges that they are experiencing and in turn, create jobs and stimulate the economy – getting involved physically and emotionally. Our goal is to assist them, the best way we know how, to do business successfully. The objective is to providing coaching, training and mentoring assistance and support in order to create better living circumstances. With the outcome being to make a difference in their businesses and lives!

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