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We're a documentary oriented production company that works with NGOs and CBOs in their locality.

The problem we aim to solve:

Huge gap in the way communities turn a blind eye to cultural, political and social issues. We bring them to life through documentaries.

The solution our project offers:

We create a platform for untold indigenous, cultural & social stories to be heard, inspiring humanity.

The impact our project had so far:

We have reached 452 children from different primary schools and youth out of school in our community.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

NMMI production is an audio-visual documentary oriented production company based in the Free State. Our specialty is working with different NGOs and CBOs in their locality. We seek stories that inspire achievement and humanity.

Masakhane Self Help Group from Eshowe KZN.
Masakhane Self Help Group from Eshowe KZN(Brickyard)

We have developed working relationships with different schools not only in our community but also surrounding villages. We transfer our skills through workshops we provide every last Friday of the month. Since last year we have visited primary schools in rural areas in Thaba Nchu targeting children from Grade 8 and Grade 9. We teach them camera works since we are an documentary oriented small company and the importance of documenting every moment and documentaries are unique genre that stimulates the public opinion and reflects on social, political and cultural events also tackling current issues.

We have forged partnership with local youth club that assist school children with curriculum in the afternoon at the community hall, that once or twice in month we document their activities and also assist with social responsibility.

We go beyond what others consider as success

We believe in handling every project with the greatest care

These no better blessing doing what you love and get paid while doing it

do your best in everything, even if you don't get acknowledged
Young people living their dream

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Thanks Karim, your words encourages us to do more. Thanks Sir

Great stuff, i would also like to do the same actually like document the lifestyle in my community and areas around as this would assist with the promotion of environmental and health activities

Amazing work, very inspiring!

Thanks Wanda!!

Please feel free to task us with documenting the process for you. Best wishes with your project✊✊