Natal Biz App

The Natal BizApp is a mobile directory enabling you to Locate, Review, Contact, Quote, Book, do smart digital business.

The problem we aim to solve:

Most local or new businesses fail or do not grow due to their marketing and reach in the market being insufficient and thus not meeting demand. We usually see big businesses survive and do well due to the fact that they can afford expensive marketing tools and platforms such as Radio, TV ads, etc.

The solution our project offers:

The Natal Biz App provides an affordable advertising platform for local businesses to list themselves and their location on the interactive mobile directory that features a GPS Map, and social network within the app for all KZN businesses and stakeholders to network with each other.

The impact our project had so far:

Idea pitching to various businesses and well known public figures has shown genuine support and belief in the idea


Who is behind this project?

We love community engagement: The more you interact, the more stars you get! (E.g.: Write a comment, publish a project or apply for a need)

About the project

KwaZulu-Natal business at the palm of your hand

Local entrepreneurs and businesses face great adversity challenges in running and promoting their business or being well located. At most times local business can’t afford high costs of suitable commercial location and quality advertising. Que the arrival of the Natal Biz App.

Black Excellence is that of those that excel when the odds are against them

F. Mthembu

The Natal Biz App is a mobile app, that is free to download, for Android and Apple devices. The app features a mobile directory that lists subscribed businesses for consumers to be able to review, locate on the map, and call the listed businesses. Putting powerfully-convenient digital marketing in the customers hands.

The app also features a fully fledged social network, which enables users to “Check in” businesses such as restaurants, and post statuses, locations, pictures and communicate with friends and family. Start your business week on a good note; by grabbing a cappuccino - at Mary’s Cafe, before your presentation in Durban! A new hairstyle maybe, at Mbalenhle Salon, as recommended by 55 others!


Project activity

Fanele Mthembu just created a new need
Grafik Tasarım

Graphic designers to design marketing material such as flyers, banners, social media posters

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Fanele Mthembu just created a new need

Require sales agents to sell and acquire new client businesses from KwaZulu Natal.

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Fanele Mthembu just created a new need

Require freelance local writers to write review articles of businesses in KwaZulu Natal.

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Fanele Mthembu created this project
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