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Expertise in CE-Certification + Investment + iOS Programmer

How you can help

As we are a start-up evolving around the digital/technical sector we are very curious about getting in touch with people who can either share some information about the following:

CE Certification: In addition to our apps, we have developed our own hardware gadget that displays health data

Investment: As every start-up in a certain stage, we are looking for investors for the period after the EXIST (EU-Programm) in July 2018

In order to develop our Apps further we are keen on getting to know Programmers in and around Berlin area.

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Anika Schroter

Creator & Maker with a focus on Business Development (BERLIN/BROOKLYN) based in Berlin, Germany

Can you lend a hand?

Contact Anika if you can help or have any questions about this need. Or maybe you even have something else in mind that could push this project forward?

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