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Baking unit(ovens,mixers) and Lans

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We aim to to increase our supply chain and job provision,so there is positive proportionality with the impact we can bring and tools we need to operate nor offfer services.For example-for a larger scale target,we need more people trained to bake,more people for delivering nor selling at given spots and more people for packing products.We can only get there when we start within the the company ensuring the fundamental necessities are taken into conideration while trying by all means to avoid predicaments that will affect production at stake.

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Thato Mafokoane

Founder,Mentor,Public figure,cyclist,Leader,Volunteer,poet and a baker based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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Contact Thato if you can help or have any questions about this need. Or maybe you even have something else in mind that could push this project forward?

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