IziBAC is an educational mobile app based on the idea of modern and entertaining learning.

The problem we aim to solve:

A major social problem in Romania is the low rate of graduation in the baccalaureate exam - a symptom of deeper problems: the educational system, under-financed and underdeveloped, no longer offers a pleasant learning experience compatible with the mental structure of the new generations.

The solution our project offers:

We provide a gamified, multimedia, and community-centered app that takes the mandatory study curricula for the Baccalaureate exam and transforms it into a pleasant, well structured learning experience. The main features of the app: a quiz game, video lessons, peer-to-peer learning community.

The impact our project had so far:

We won Social Impact Awards Romania with our MVP. We aim to help 230.000 terminal years high school students each year.


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Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Learning made fun.

Winning the Social Impact Awards Romania 2017
Raluca pitching for the grand finale.
Shooting in our classroom for BCR promotion within Start-up nation Romania programme.

IziBac’s story:

Raluca Bacinschi - Stratulat, CEO and founder:

Hello! My name is Raluca Bacinschi-Stratulat and I am virtually in front of you because I strongly believe that learning can be fun. And I believe that because I remember the pleasure I felt while learning how to write, read and speak in Romanian, French and English before I started school. And with how much excitement I was going to school in the first grade. And how I created the neighbourhood magazine with the help of my mother, who photocopied my works of art. And as I had set up the first private detective office in the attic above my father’s garage when I was 7-8 years old.

But all my enthusiasm for knowledge gained a special inertia once I passed into the 2nd grade and had to change school because of the study program. I had to confront an educational system that I felt it was obsolete since then.

It was only when I entered the architecture faculty that I slowly began to regain my craving for knowledge. And instinctively, I created my own learning system. College colleagues soon became extremely curious, so I started teaching them in my way of learning. Seeing that I help them understand better and that my teaching style was appreciated, I decided to continue doing this outside of faculty with high school students. I am now at the 5th generation of students I’m preparing for college and so far I have a 100% rate of success and lots of positive feedback from both them and their parents.

Adrian Stratulat, Director of Marketing:

I’m Adrian Stratulat and I am developing this app together with my wife because I believe in education. I believe that education can change a society from bottom-up. My background is in diplomacy and political science and many times I found myself pondering how to solve the important issues of our society. And most of the times, the general opinion was that faulty education is the root of all evils. So what better cause to fight for than improving education? We know from the World Economic Forum reports that the digitalization of education is the future. We want to take a piece of that vision and bring it in our present day, so we can help build a better future Romania.

Raluca: With our shared belief that education can change lives for the better, we decided to go one-step further, namely targeting the baccalaureate exam. This year I had a student who could not go to college with her colleagues and pursue her dreams because she failed the baccalaureate exam. And she is just one of the 40% who have faced this situation this year. And for such situations, we have started to develop a quiz type of game with the baccalaureate curricula, Where you can train with a computer, give an exam simulation or challenge a friend to play against you.

Adrian: And even if one of the results is to improve the rate of success in passing the Baccalaureate, the main reason we want to do it is to bring back the joy of learning. Learning should be fun! Therefore, we developed a gamified system with badges and other perks and incentives along the way, through which we want to remind students that playing and having fun are extremely effective ways to study.

Later, we will add a section of video content where passionate teachers will deliver the knowledge needed to pass the exam with flying colours, in a modern and appealing way. Our vision is to have a module, which contains the whole field of study, for example mathematics, cheaper than just a single private session with a professor. And it can be accessed anytime. From anywhere. And you can resume whenever you feel the need.

Raluca: Beyond this point, the plan is to encourage communities to start developing in a peer-to-peer type of learning. When you reach master level in a subject, you can start teaching it to your colleagues!

Eduard Lache, CTO:

In most of the industries it has reached, technology has improved processes and helped achieve the ultimate goals: bringing people closer, creating new methods of communication and improving processes within companies. Paradoxically, the area where technology has not yet been fully exploited is the area that may be of the utmost importance in terms of human development: the advancement of knowledge, people’s development, learning, education. What IziBAC proposes is to slowly, but surely improve the Romanian educational system by integrating new, modern learning methods and technologies adapted to the needs of the current generation. I’m Eduard, passionate about technology, and I think through it we can make the world a better place.

All in all, our plan is to develop an e-learning platform on which pupils of all ages can discover the pleasures of studying.

And all of this because the entire team strongly believes that learning can be fun. And hopefully, you feel the same.

IziBac’s vision and mission:

The company’s vision, focusing on the idea that the learning process should be fun, can simply be summed up to supporting the reform of the national and international long-term education system through technology, or by exploiting the benefits of the Internet, offering educational applications that can be accessed through various portals and related mobile applications.

Our mission in society is to introduce new learning methods for high school students and later for all students and to have a social impact with this application by increasing the rate of graduation for the Baccalaureate exam at national level with long-lasting positive effects in life pupils and at social level by reducing social disparities caused by insufficient education, reducing the number of young people in the NEETS category, stimulating the development of higher value added economic sectors, etc.

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