Indigenous Dance Academy

We saw a need to use our talent to solve social problems in our community through dance.

Indigenous Dance Academy mission is to provide dancers with comprehensive artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of street dance in the manner that embraces a passion for all art forms. The key goal forthe Academy is to still in its dancers enthusiasm for and desire to have a positive influence within their community.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

The challenge we want to master is to solve social problems in our community through dance

The youth in Tembisa are facing a battery of social ills, like drugs and alcohol abuse, peer pressure and petty crime, teenage pregnancy. Theres lack of art centres and extra mural activities at schools which leaves the young loitering this almost makes the streets seem treacherous.

To create a positive environment for youngsters.

The project is a movement for youth lead by youth for young people who are excluded from learning due to poverty, political unrest, discrimination or cultural bias. This is led by young people with the belief in power of social connectivity and a passion to drive change.

“FIRE FROM THE HEART”- the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Neo Sebete-Ida co-founder.

Project activity

Jarrel Mathebula just created a new need

We need an architect who is going to construct and plan the church building we have recently purchased.We understand and…

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Jarrel Mathebula just created a new need
İş Geliştirme

Transportation the vehicles we have are unreliable we need a reliable vehicle to get us around. We have recently purcha…

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Jarrel Mathebula just created a new need

Our biggest need is a reliable vehicle to get us to performances the vehicles we currently have are unreliable not in go…

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great project!!!

Dance is not just a hobby - it is a lifestyle and mood setter. Great idea to connect dance to social impact. Keep on rocking!