Avails gardening space to those who do not have any space to grow their own vegetables.

The problem we aim to solve:

Poverty and hunger are rife within South Africa’s disadvantaged communities. The lack of sufficient urban land space jeopardizes food security and puts many disadvantaged community members in a situation where they cannot afford to feed themselves nutritionally.

The solution our project offers:

GrowBox provides“land space” to the communities where it is needed the most. Thanks to GrowBox, sidelined individuals and families will be able to sustainably grow their own vegetables in the limited space that they have. The boxes are made from recycled pallets and are easy to move around.

The impact our project had so far:

GrowBox won the 3rd Place position at the #YouthStartCT Entrepreneurial Challenge 2016.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

The start of greater things to come

Two years ago I was unemployed and growing vegetables in my own backyard in order to feed my 4 children. Looking at my surroundings I realized that I was fortunate enough to have property available in order to grow vegetables. Many disadvantaged community members was not so fortunate. Whether living in flats, informal settlements or in someone’s backyard - land was not available to those who essentially needed it the most.

My initial business idea was a nursery that would empower, develop skills and create employment for the unemployed mothers of Hanover Park, Cape Town. Through business development training in the #YouthStartCT Entrepreneurial Challenge I was taught to find the niche and what sets my company apart. That is when the nursery idea transformed into GrowBox.

We manufacture portable growboxes (made from recycled pallets) for people living in disadvantaged areas in order for them to grow vegetables sustainably in the limited spaces that they have. Its portable so that it is easily moved, from the outdoors to indoors, in bad weather conditions and to protect it from vandalism or theft. The beneficiaries of the boxes will first receive training on sustainable growing methods and once training is completed, then they will be receive their fully stocked (with vegetable seedlings) growboxes.

Project activity

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Social Media

We have started a crowd funding campaign to help raise the necessary funds needed to move onto a larger property that wo…

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Renshia Manuel just created a new need
Business Development

We are operating from a school premises but need additional infrastructure in order to keep our seedlings safe. Severe w…

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Renshia Manuel wrote a new status update

We have secured land at a local school within Hanover Park, Cape Town for our operations. This will enable us to grow vegetable seedlings on a larger scale for the “Growboxes”. Additional sales revenue will be generated by the sale of the seedlings to local farms, nursery retailers or government entities.

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