Food for Waste

We transform open spaces used as illegal dumps into communal vegetable gardens.

The problem we aim to solve:

In our community the open spaces are used for illegal dumping. This breeds rodents, rodents breed diseases and illnesses, illnesses compromise health and vitality. The net effect of all of the above is, put a strain on local authority's limited resources, including the primary health care system

The solution our project offers:

We clean and convert the illegal dumps into communal vegetable gardens and mini recycling depots. This restores pride & dignity of those facing economic imbalances & unemployment. The hybrid of vegetable and recyclables ensure that there is diversified income stream for the participants

The impact our project had so far:

The 12 communal gardens benefit and provide food and source of income to 140 community members previously unemployed.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Food for Waste restores the dignity & self-worth of those facing unemployment, poverty & other effects of economic imbalances through sustainable projects such as the conversion of waste into energy & growing food gardens where illegal dump sites used to be.

Our approach is bottom up whereby the community is involved in identifying illegal dumping sites that need cleaning and they grow fresh produce which they feed on and sell residual as income generating initiative. They also collect waste is sorted between recyclables and waste due for landfill which is also sold for extra income. On top of all this there are incentivised with the food parcels weekly.

We serve people who are conscious of their vitality and how litter adversely affect their health. We serve people who realize that they can change their destinies by taking charge of their lives through cleaning the environment and in the process restore their dignity, self worth whilst growing their own food and generating income. We serve the local municipality by ensuring that the environment is maintained clean at all times so that they redirect their resources elsewhere and saving their budget.

We visit the communal gardens to check if there is any improvement or any assistance that we can offer to the project. They walk in to the depot three times a week to sell their products such as recyclable material in exchange for cash. And we converge every Monday to clean up the township and meet every Thursday to share and distribute food parcels.

Our crops as of December 2014, 3 months after the cleaning up campaign
During the clearing up operation September 2014
Baled recyclable PET Plastic
2 years down the line
Recycling collection in February 2017
Recycling collection in February 2017
Sorting operation in January 2017
recycling collection in February 2017
The winning team behind food for waste program
The winning team behind food for waste program
delivery of returnable beverage bottles at Distell Depot
Redisa tyre collection in November 2016
Redisa tyre collection in November 2016
The winning team behind food for waste program
tyre collection in Vosloorus, October 2016
tyre collection in Vosloorus, October 2016
Food for waste weekly cleaning campaign
Food to waste weekly cleaning campaign
Clearing up of waste from the site
Upcycling of waste material to bar chairs
Upcycling of waste material to bar chairs
Me and my team
Converting waste wooden pallets to wendy house
construction of our ablution facilities using recycled wooden pallets

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