Employ Me South Africa

Employ Me South Africa is an online recruitment solution allowing job seekers and employers to connect through video.

The problem we aim to solve:

Most jobseekers do not have the funds to attend interviews with employers or do not have access to the labour market and opportunities. Most employers do not have the time to vet and screen hundreds of CV's. Employ Me South Africa is a platform resolving the disconnect in the labour market.

The solution our project offers:

EmployME South Africa is a powerful, innovative, cloud-based video recruitment & assessment platform helping agencies and candidates towards better hiring matches with a visual first impression. Featuring live, automated & video pitch interviews in one integrated platform.

The impact our project had so far:

We have had excellent results since launching. We have placed 20 candidates in full time employment.


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Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Employ Me South Africa Launch in Alexandra, Johannesburg

Connecting people to jobs, opportunities and each other.

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