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We help young learners discover their superpowers by promoting valuable 21st-century skills.

The problem we aim to solve:

Our education system is outdated. Our world is changing rapidly and our children will inherit more challenges than ever before. Education is the basis of a functioning society and we provide young learners with valuable tools to tackle these challenges.

The solution our project offers:

Combining Project-Based Learning and Design Thinking principles we offer projects for educational institutions within & outside school environments. With the emphasis on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking & communication we invite young learners on a mission to create, play, remix & share.

The impact our project had so far:

A movement where entrepreneurs, specialists & edu-enthusiasts network, exchange ideas and innovate education.


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Who is behind this project?

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About the project

EduHeroes - We help young learners discover their superpowers

Our Story


Gosia is a Project-Based Learning specialist and experienced teacher, who moved to Berlin and started looking for innovative school solutions. Mieke left the advertisement world to use her marketing skills for good and works with edu-startups and educational institutions.


We met each other under the premises that something needs to change in education.

  • Our education system is outdated and bringing change and innovation into educational institutions is extremely slow.
  • Our schools are not able to prepare children for an uncertain future.
  • Our world is changing rapidly and the future holds challenges we may not understand yet.


By working closely with experts, we offer innovative workshops and projects for educational institutions within & outside school environments, creating an environment where active learning takes place. Using Project-Based Learning & Design Thinking principles our projects help young learners gain 21st Century Skills, enabling them to thrive and succeed in the future world.

So far we have conduct several workshops with students from different educational settings. Thanks to regular meetups our community like-minded education enthusiast is growing.


Our engaging projects use Design Thinking and Project-Based-Learning and promote necessary 21st Century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The quest will continue with opening physical spaces where active learning takes places after school hours. By creating an environment that fosters experimentation, self-awareness, learning from experts and each we will create spaces that allow young learners to discover their superpowers and get ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

By engaging with entrepreneurs and specialists, we’re building a platform that fosters innovation, networking and a dynamic exchange of ideas, holding regular meetups for fellow heroes. Our community is growing and more likeminded education enthusiasts are now up for changing the face of education with us.

Growing a community of fellow education enthusiasts and joining forces to change the face of education. Engaging with entrepreneurs and specialists to exchange ideas and inspire.

Let us embark on a creative quest, encouraging open communication, a strong sense of collaboration and a critical approach towards rethinking education.

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Hello EduHeroes. What a wonderful project you have! I too are engaged in educational projects for young people. But I’m more focused on animation and on students from developing countries. It seems to me that our areas of activity in many respects resemble. Maybe we could somehow work together?

Just imagine - your students making cartoons on the most important social topics! It will be a bomb! Let’s think about the options for our cooperation.

Here is my website where you can find out more about my projects