Digital Participation Camp and Summit (DPC)

The DPC aims at establishing a network for young digital innovators & social entrepreneurs targeting the UN MDGs.

The Digital Participation Camp (DPC) aims at creating an active international network of digital innovators, social entrepreneurs, designers, developers and content creators to unite skills and work together on digital projects for social good.

The problem we aim to solve:

The project which come out of DPC solve many social problems in the areas of transparency, women rights or education.

The solution our project offers:

Each project creates a unique solution which has been designed specifically for the particular problem.

The impact our project had so far:

280 people participated 46 nations involved 21 projects implemented 670 000 people reached


There are currently no open needs. Get in touch with Mathias Haas if you can contribute and help out.

Who is behind this project?

We love community engagement: The more you interact, the more stars you get! (E.g.: Write a comment, publish a project or apply for a need)

About the project

Every summer, selected participants from all over the world come together in Münster, Germany, to live, learn and cooperate in terms of working on digital projects for social good.

The DPC provides all settings for 10 days to work on a project for social good, like travel costs, accommodation, mentorship and a team of participants with many skills.

These young activists are selected from a wide range of different professions – the DPC unites bloggers, content creators, developers (backend, frontend, mobile), designers, engineers, filmmakers, journalists, marketers, photographers, social entrepreneurs, videographers and on the ground activists.

The DPC provides a range of activities, from idea pitches and workshops to project creation and group work. The camp has supported the creation of over 10 social projects that deal with corruption in MENA, women rights empowerment platforms, intercultural understanding and breaking of stereotypes, fair journalism and media, and so on.

While the Digital Participation Camp addresses selected participants of the network, the Digital Participation Summit is an open event for everyone interested in social change, digital innovation and social media. The summit serves to present the project result of each year’s camp while connecting young professionals, change makers and experts from media, science and politics.

“We aim at creating an interactive and likewise international space to strengthen our efforts to make this world a little better place through the beneficial use of digital media.”

Carina Schmid & Mathias Haas, Co-Founders of the DPC

Project activity

Mathias Haas wrote a new status update

Missing the DPC already! Can’t wait for #DPC16! :)

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Mathias Haas wrote a new status update

#DPC15 rocks! :)

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Open needs

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I was fortunate to be part of DPC 2015. Hailing from the southern part of Africa, it was my first experience meeting 90 change agents from more than 30 countries under one roof. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity presented by DPC.