Blasian Narratives

Blasian Narratives intimately explores the intersections of mixed Black and Asian identities.

The problem we aim to solve:

We seek to dispel cultural stereotypes and provide a narrative that illustrates the complexities of race, culture, and physical appearance through the stories of Blasian individuals.

The solution our project offers:

Monologues recited by the all-Blasian cast provide an insightful look into the fallacies of physical and racial judgement. The project exposes the void of being the "other," someone who cannot fully identify with either racial make-up because of their mixed status.

The impact our project had so far:

We have performed at the Atlanta University Center and Stanford University to standing ovations.


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Who is behind this project?

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About the project

Blasian Narratives is a multi-media project that intimately explores the intersection of (mixed) Asian and Black identities.

The project culminated through Omnes Senmo’s (Canon) personal quest to explore the relationship between Asian and Black individuals and communities. During his time as an Asian student at Morehouse College, a historically black college, he fortuitously crossed paths with various students who identified as “Blasians”—those of both Black and Asian heritage. Having studied Asian American and Black history, Omnes became interested in revitalizing conversations regarding the current and historical tension and solidarity between Asian and Black communities. He later realized that Blasian individuals might have experienced this polarization at an intimate level. Through the organic progression of friendships, dialogues around the juxtaposition of the various narratives of being Black and Asian naturally arose. These individuals were already at a place to reconcile the polarized aspect of their identities. Through the act of telling one’s story, there was often unburdening, healing, and empowerment. These experiences made Omnes realize that these stories needed to be explored, heard, and shared. With this vision in mind, he decided to turn the personal dialogues into a documentary, which eventually morphed into a live performance of theatrical monologues.

The cast engages in a deep discussion with the audience during a post-performance Q&A session at Stanford University

“The Blasian Narratives project is breaking the illusion of mixed bliss with its raw, organic representation of growing up in a society where- if your race isn’t clear, neither are you.”

Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK

“Narratives” tells stories about families, communities, colorism, dating and religion, all the while struggling with the question: “Am I black enough? Am I Asian enough?”

Tae Hong, Kore Asian Media

“The presentations showed the complexity of lives that cross borders and enter liminal and marginal spaces, where creativity can flourish. Each person, in their own unique way, expressed their identities-in-flux, as if they were re-creating it right there on stage.”

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu Ed.D., Psychology Today

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