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We would like to translate the Academy to English!

How you can help

We would like to translate the videos as well as the in depth textual information and make the Bipolar-Academy available for the Anglo-American area. Therefore, we need your support!

  • We need to translate the text of the videos.
  • We need a native English speaker for the videos.
  • We need a media production company, because a new speaker leads to timing as well as to issues according the sound-design.
  • We need a medical professional for the translation of the textual information, which also means to transfer ICD related content to DSM. The information within the Bipolar-Academy is built around the WHO’s ICD system, which is common for Europe, whereas for the Anglo-American area the Bipolar-Academy should be built around the DSM system.

Unfortunately, we do not have financial resources anymore, it has been a demanding task to bring the Bipolar-Academy to the status quo. At World Bipolar Day we experienced that there is a real need for the Bipolar-Academy in the Anglo-American area, so we try to go on! Pleas support the project!

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