• LocationPune, Maharashtra, India

AIC Education Outreach Program

Dedicated to improving the lives and shaping the futures of vulnerable children of former nomadic tribes in Pune, India.

The problem we aim to solve:

The kids we work with don't have access to proper education. We believe that education is the key to a better future.

The solution our project offers:

We work with kids from 3-18 years, have our own nursery and kindergarten and provide tuition for the school kids.

The impact our project had so far:

The program reaches more than 200 kids. Some former AIC-students are on College (one girl studies in Germany).


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

“I gained in self confidence thanks to AIC. I feel my dream of becoming a doctor might be realized.”

(Mrunal, AIC-student)

Our outreach programs have grown directly out of our work with street children living and working in our neighborhood of Yerwada. Many of the children on the streets of Pune return each night to their families, only to leave early the next morning to eke out a meager income begging at busy intersections. Because their income or labor in the home is many times necessary for the survival of their families, they are completely unable to attend school, thus perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Our Education Outreach Program directly supports over 200 children through their primary and secondary education. We enroll the children in school, provide all the necessary fees and supplies, and tutor them for a minimum of two hours each school day to supplement their academic instruction. We also work with their families to ensure proper emotional and social support, and to address any further barriers to our students reaching their full potential. Find out more about our work at: ashrayainitiative.org

“I like to sing poems here.”

(Nita, AIC-Nursery student)
Tamanna watching a performance during our party for the Indian Republic Day.
Our kids at lunch. Every child get three meals a day at AIC.

“AIC was instrumental in changing the mindset of my family with respect to girls education. I wish to give back to AIC.”

(Suman, AIC-student)

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Whether learning tools or just for fun: toys are a crucial part of our work with the kids at the AIC-Nursery and AIC-Kin…

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Judith Eckl just created a new need

Our Education Outreach Program is always in need of books for children from all ages. Our wish list on amazon.in is a pe…

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