Street Jive

Street Jive explores the concept of using unused structures & open spaces for performance purposes.

The problem we aim to solve:

Youth Unemployment

The solution our project offers:

Creating platforms for creators & performers to showcase their talents.

The impact our project had so far:

Job opportunities created for most youths who participated in our project


Who is behind this project?

We love community engagement: The more you interact, the more stars you get! (E.g.: Write a comment, publish a project or apply for a need)

About the project

A re Bine Street Jive explores the concept of dancing in open areas, where everyone can take part either by auditioning or by being in the audience. Street Jive Audition in Kanye a village in Southern District.
A re Bine Street Jive™ gives every dancer a chance to showcase their talent with the hope of achieving greatness to empower.
A re Bine Street Jive gives young creatives a chance to share their creative world with others. We identify talented creatives from various fields like radio, music, television and give them leadership roles to empower dancers. Our very talented Judges frm left: Tumiso (A professional Choreographer and Dance Teacher), Loretta Mekgwe (Radio Personality and Actress), Goitse Kgaswane (Former Big brother Africa Contestant, Musician and Dancer), C-Wator from Flexyville Music and Dance crew
2015 Individual Winner Gecko from Gaborone (P5,000.00) and Group Winners- Psycho Kingz (P15,000.00) from Kanye. With his winnings, Gecko (B-Boy) managed to fund his trip to SA to participate at Red Bull BC One in Jozi.
Our Djs: Dj KSB and Dj KeyMaker-- Talented Music producers as well.
C-Wator from Flexyville Music and Dance Group performing at the Francistown Dance Auditions- He is also one of the Judges..
(l)Lattyswaggerboy (A rapper and Modelling Agency Owner) is one of the Judges seen here with StaxXx (Hip Hop Artist) also our events MC
School children gathered at the Street Jive auditions in Tlokweng village. Auditions are held during weekends, on Saturday from morning till 4pm. A great environment to hangout for idling youths. We have few recreational facilities, so our events provide entertainment for most children and youths.
Every young person with talent is welcome to take part.
Social media plays a huge role in promoting our events. We have advertised our events soley on social media and the turn out has been amazing.We do encourage dancers to promote their craft through social media and most have since joined the social media.
To encourage youth to appreciate other cultural dances, we teach the dancers dances from various countries and tribes.
A re Bine Street Jive Festival 2015 attracted more than 300 dance fanatics.
Street Jive Dance Conference and Workshop (Semifinalists) A dance conference and workshop where professionals in the entertainment industry are engaged to share entertainment industry knowledge with the dancers.
Semifinalists attending the Street Jive Dance Conference and Workshop in Gaborone.
Professional Choreographers teaching various dance genres like hip hop and contemporary at the Street Jive Workshop
The dance classes are free for all dancers attending the workshop.Dancers get to learn different dance genres more especially contemporary and traditional dances and most of them were happy to have learnt the dances as they could not afford paid dance lessons.Some who came as Sbuja dancers are now performers within Contemporary dance groups.
Our auditions are open to all urban, modern and experimental dances.
Finalists get to perform dance tasks they learnt from our professional choreographers.
Local artists are invited to perform at all our auditions. Priority is given to upcoming artists with recorded albums or few songs. This gives them an opportunity to share their music with the people.It's usually difficult for unknown musicians to get exposure.
Our dream is to see Botswana dancers taking part at international dance competitions and performing all around the world and most importantly using dance to positively change lives in their communities.

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