The Jessica Dlamini Foundation for women

We are a support system for the African Girl Child.

The problem we aim to solve:

Girls in rural settings have little access & support to the following: education, entrepreneurship, emotional support, health & hygiene.

The solution our project offers:

We’ve created a supportive platform where girls are exposed to encouragement, self-awareness, access to career options, health education and entrepreneurship.

The impact our project had so far:

Our beneficiaries have started their own businesses; feel motivated & supported; have access to career info.


Who is behind this project?

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About the project

“Give light and people will find the way.”

Ella Baker
We are the support system for the African Girl Child.

What do we do?

  • We encourage girls to go to school and take pride in their schooling. In rural settings girls often go to school because they are forced to go but are not convinced education will take them anywhere. We keep them informed how important education is. We show them different career options. In rural settings they are only exposed to domestic work and farming, not that those are bad but there is so much more.

  • We encourage the girls to approach entrepreneurship. Most of our beneficiaries have a plethora of skills, some can plait, some are really good cooks and some are good at sales. So we give them the necessary entrepreneurial skills to turn those into small businesses that they can manage. Some of the girls now have set up salons and run it during the weekends some of the girls sell refreshments at school . We stock the resources they need to sell and help them manage it. They get to keep the money and some donate back to the foundation or help girls that are not members.

  • We encourage the girls to look after their health and hygiene. Females have to look after their health and be informed about the changes of their bodies. So we work with the government clinics. They are educated about their menstrual cycles, HIV /aids and STD’s and even pap smears .

How do we bring positive social change to our community?

  • We bring economic activity to the communities we set up in. The entrepreneurial activities that the girls set up in their communities brings services closer to their communities because unlike urban settings where you have quick access to goods and services in rural settings one would have to wait for the weekend and travel an hour to the shops with risk of limited transport.

  • We bring awareness to the communities about safety , abuse and rape. And as a result to our surprise the parents and community stakeholders in turn step up to protect their daughters. They try and get involved in their schooling and help them in their entrepreneurial efforts . So this is helping communities become safer and supportive towards the young females .

How do we sustain the foundation?

  • We sustain ourselves by selling merchandise in urban settings such as shirts, caps, diaries and backpacks. The proceeds go towards our daily running and to buy hygiene packs,stationery packs and food packs to give monthly to our beneficiaries in the rural settings.

  • We host fundraising events,fundays and empowerment seminars. We use the money from the tickets to sustain us .

  • The executive team donates regularly from our own pockets.

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Great project there,i’m behind the foundation 100%.wishing all the best in the year 2017.

Regards! Thoriso

thank you Thoriso . We really appreciate your encouraging words.