This new app is like Uber for street trash collectors

Five years have passed since the inaugural Pimp My Carroça. Back in 2012 a group occupied Anhangabaú, in the center of São Paulo, to protest the rights of street recyclers, or ‘catadores’ as they’re known in Brazil. 40 waste collecters, 300 volunteers and 54 artists attended and pimped-out the handmade carts workers use to collect trash.

Today, after 851 pimped carts and 1,613 volunteers in 42 cities across 12 countries, Pimp My Carroça, is supersizing – again.

The anniversary celebration of the project, which was created by ‘artivist’ Mundano, marks the launch of new app Cataki. The free app connects recyclable waste collectors to people who want to recycle.

Imagine that you threw that party at home and need to get rid of hundreds of empty cans. With Cataki, you can find the collector closest to you. You call him/her, negotiate values ​​and the best way to take the material.

“It’s a possibility of income generation, while promoting sustainability and recycling,” explains Breno Castro Alves, from Cataki. From the 400 kg of garbage produced by each Brazilian per year, only 12 kg are recycled, with 90% of those through street collectors.

For the near future

The Cataki database already has 200 registered collectors, all equipped with mobile phones. The next step is to enable the user to describe, in-app, the kind of residue he needs the collector to remove, whether that’s glass, metal, paper, and to communicate volumes. With this data, it will be possible to design a third phase, in which the collectors will be grouped by city and would have their phones and internet connection provided by the project.

Collaborative APP

Still in beta phase, Cataki needs the help of the population to grow and expand the network of registered catadores. For this, there is a campaign at where it’s possible to register a catador and receive a prize in exchange, such as T-shirt, sticker or etching.

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