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Ordering food to eat in your own house has become entirely normal for Brazilians. Everyday, it’s estimated that 50,000 people order food, delivered by individuals known locally as ‘motoboys’.

With that in mind, Banco de Alimentos, a food bank NGO that advocates for the end of hunger and food waste, had an idea: what if they used the same motoboys to collect donations of food to those in need?

The process is really simple. The carrier leaves the restaurant with the orders placed by the clients and returns with donations of non-perishable food.

“When a customer calls a restaurant to order some food, they’re offered the possibility of donation to Banco de Alimentos”, says Daniela Garcia, manager of the NGO. “If the person accepts it, the carrier delivers the order and then collects the donation."

The donations complement the daily meals of more than 22,000 children, teenagers, adults and elderly people supported by the 43 charities assisted by Banco de Alimentos.

Any restaurant with a food delivery system can join the project by registering online. One of the first restaurants to support Reverse Delivery was São Paulo’s famous pizza parlor, Pizzaria Veridiana.

“The restaurant worked together with Banco de Alimentos to come up with logistic aspects that worked for everybody”, says Garcia.

Banco de Alimentos also works in partnership with grocery stores, supermarkets and with food producers and suppliers, in order to collect food surpluses that would be discarded and to donate them to those in need.

Reverse Delivery

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smart idea! could work anywhere in the world I suppose!