How to Get Buzz: Tips From a PR Pro

You may have heard of the expression, “When a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it happen?”

That mentality can be applied to getting PR. In order to grow your enterprise, you need to get press. To learn how to do this, we spoke to Melissa Orozco, the founder of Yulu Public Relations, a communications firm mandated to champion socially innovative organizations that are making positive social and environmental impact.

Yulu was one of the first purpose-driven PR firms in North America, having recognized early on that doing good is good business. It also led the charge by becoming the first PR agency to certify as a B Corp nationally.

Melissa’s tips on getting press for your venture

  1. Know your beat, and search for media via #hashtags. The media landscape is more diverse than ever and while newsrooms may be shrinking, freelancers and contributors are multiplying and searchable by hashtag on Twitter.

  2. Find a comparable organization whose media coverage you’d like to emulate, and look to it for ideas.

  3. Consider offering media a written submission with your thoughts on a trending topic relevant to your industry. Be sure to emphasize why you’re an expert.

  4. If you have the resources, consider releasing a white paper or research on the issue your enterprise is tackling.

  5. Focus on the social problem you’re trying to help solve. Focus on the why, the bigger picture (i.e. driving systemic change), and the solutions you’re developing as a community and/or collective.

  6. Pitch a story, not a product.

  7. Consider which media your target customers read and get to know the journalists relevant to your enterprise. Identify your local media, your industry media and journalists that cover your beat at national media. These are the people you want to share your story with.

  8. Always be on the lookout for where your story would fit, otherwise known as “issues hijacking.”

  9. Find opportunities where your business would be a good case study or where you would be a good spokesperson and you can speak to certain issues.

  10. Consider what is ‘new’ about your social enterprise. Are you the ‘first’ to do this? Pull out what’s unique about your story. Media always need an angle for a story and a journalist is unlikely to run a basic business profile, since that would essentially be advertising.

  11. Consider timing. Media need a reason to write about your social enterprise. Is there a launch, event or milestone that would give a journalist a reason to cover your story, right now?

  12. Be authentic.

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