From Tony Florence

As a social enterprise, are you making money?

Before your venture can make a social impact, it must be effective and be able to support you as an entrepreneur. What are the gaps in your business that you need to fill to make your business sustainable. Is it equipment, technical support, product development, markets? What is your gap?


I am not making any money and I feel that social entrepreneurs are always expected to volunteer all the time in driving social change. I am coaching chess, and this is what I do to drive social change my problem is that no one is speaking up for chess coaches and we currently see no transformation not only in sports like netball, rugby and hockey but there’s no transformation in sports like chess too. How do we change all this and make sure that social entrepreneurs are recognized and paid for what they are doing in their relevant communities or cities? I am one of the directors of SteekyGreen NPC we have an online campaign (Facebook: #letsMEETUP Official Page: Letsmeetup) we are busy running for NPCs and many other organizations. Empowering social entrepreneurs to gather in one place to help, share business knowledge, collaborate and inspire each other. It will be great to also here other people’s views on this matter

I feel as if, as a social entrepreneur, one must see through their vision and live it! it is then that one can earn and make money. Just my view

As a social entrepreneur I only started making feasible proceeds last year, and that is because above my vision and social impact I attached a business case to services I offer. I can share that I dynamically changed the fallacy that social entrepreneurs dont make proceeds by doing what I used to do:

  1. At a faster rate.
  2. At higher quantities
  3. At lower costs
  4. At higher quality than what my competitors were offering the market.

I don’t yet own a social enterprise myself hovewer as per my humble observations, the ones with a “product” than a service, can more easily make their model sustainable since people are tend to blame the companies which are profiting and are a social impact oriented project. However, maybe if we make them realize that the “impact” will only survive and grow when the impact makers are not occupied with breadmaking, daily survival. So in that manner I believe offering a product, (a measurable service is also possible) will ease the process. (eg. Toms, Otsimo(Turkey) or to empower women)