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How to build a Project in 15 simple steps

Create the perfect Project; this article will provide you with basic, step-by-step instructions on how to build your very own project using Red Bull Amaphiko.

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Education / skills
How to launch your first big idea for social good

Bringing your first big idea to life is a huge career milestone, especially when it is aimed at solving a real world problem that meets the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. But how do you do this? what do you need? what should you know? See how young innovators from around the world came together to solve just that real world problem and empower others around the globe to be change makers.

Hello World! A Word About the Amaphiko Front-End

For a platform that needs to *just work* for users without JavaScript, why would we use JavaScript to render the entire front-end?

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Education / skills
My DPC15 - Digital Participation Camp

Once again 90 social entrepreneurs, designers, digital innovators, developers and multimedia creators from 33 countries came together for the 4th version of the DPC, the Digital Participation Camp, to connect the world for social good.

Design, architecture, art
TEDx Donauinsel 2015

In the spirit of TED's ideas worth spread, TEDxDonauinsel had its 2nd edition in Vienna under the topic "Exploring Passion"

TEDx Weekend Vienna

300 TEDx organizers from all over the world gathered for the first TEDx Weekend in Vienna. From workshops to community activities to fun!

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