Top quotes and moments from the Amaphiko Academy Langa

The inspiration continues with quotes from lectures, mentors and participants of the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy .

  1. “Speak to be heard. Speak to be understood!” - Gcina Mhlope

  2. “Let’s share the expressions that are beautiful in our own languages!” - Gcina Mhlope

  3. “YOU are the most powerful tool you have” - Raquel Rosenberg, Engajamundo, Brazil

  4. “If you’re looking for a miracle in your life, you must be that miracle for others.” - Sihle Tshabalala

  5. “If you want to grow… read.” - Sihle Tshabalala

  1. “We need social innovators to start thinking about how we can challenge the problems we face.” - Sihle Tshabalala

  2. “I’m a chance taker. I’ve learnt through experiences. Learn to say no sometimes.” - Sihle Tshabalala

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I liked a quote from today’s session: “if you tell me a positive story you can consider it published”…