Sithule secures a yoga teacher qualification in Kenya

At Reach we believe in creating access to opportunities for youth to realise their potential. We recently helped Sithule Biyela gain a scholarship from Africa Yoga Project to learn to teach yoga.

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Sithule practising yoga in Kenya.
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“No one makes it on their own, we all need each other.”

Sithule Biyela

I have known Sithule Biyela since our days together at Playing for Peace (now PeacePlayers International). I have always admired Sithule’s commitment and passion for helping others but also her focus on health and wellness. Sithule has continued working on her personal fitness while also looking for a break in the fitness industry.

I met up with our friends at Africa Yoga Project earlier this year and they were kind enough to invite Sithule to apply for their scholarship which she won. We launched a fundraising campaign and with the generous support of our friends we were able to get Sithule to Kenya for her training. One of our major beliefs is in providing access and opportunities for youth to reach their potential and we are proud to make this possible for Sithule.

Sithule spent 200 hours training in Kenya to become a yoga instructor. Sithule is now back in South Africa looking for ways of impacting communities through yoga but also deliver yoga sessions to clients.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our funding campaign to get her to Kenya. We are now helping Sithule teach yoga and sustain herself.

Read about her trip to Kenya below.

“No one makes it on their own” ​ My name is Sithule Biyela, I grew up in Lamontville, a township in Durban, South Africa. I have loved sports and being physically active ever since I can remember. As a young girl growing up, I thrived in doing activities that were not as accessible to other girls. I have always wanted to be in the health and wellness industry, even before I knew what these words meant. You see, as a young girl one did not see the health and wellness as a career.

Over the years, I have worked with some amazing organisations largely focusing on sport as a tool for community development. This kept me connected with my passion of using sport to help others.

However, I have always wanted to do something more, to be in the fitness industry and to do something different. Recently, I got an amazing opportunity through Reach Sports to apply for the Africa Yoga Project scholarship to learn to teach yoga. I applied and I was awarded a scholarship. Although, I did not know much about yoga and did not have the finances to get to Kenya, I trusted that this opportunity would be good for me.

On the 26 March I travelled to Kenya to gain my qualification as a yoga teacher. I was a bit scared to travel to Kenya because I didn’t know anyone there, I was the only one from South Africa and it was my first time travelling out of the country, but I told myself to be strong and to go for it because I wanted this opportunity.

I flew to Nairobi and I was pleased that the Africa Yoga Project had arranged a driver for me to travel to the hotel. We were welcomed to AYP and introduced to the project and got to interact with other participants.

The following day out teacher training started. It was amazing being a yoga studio with around 180 people from 15 countries, learning the principles of yoga. The training was intense and challenging, we started at 8:00 in the morning and finished at 21:30 at night. I have never sweated like that in my life but I told my self that I know what I came for, so I’m not going when its hard, I’m going to push hard and work hard until I complete the training. There were times where it was so hard that some other participants quit. I knew that quitting was simply not an option for me; I have just come too far to give up.

The first week was an eye opener for me, being surrounded by wonderful people who care about making a difference and who were willing to share how yoga can help people was inspiring. I gained invaluable lessons such as learning to let go of the things that’s were holding me back. It was a great experience for me, learning new things, making new friends, sharing ideas and learning to trust people. It also gave me a chance to grow as an individual and to be more self-confident.

On the second week, we travelled to Amboseli National Park, which is a 5-hour drive from Nairobi. People in Kenya are very lovely, they have Ubuntu ( a way of being that appreciates, respects and values humanity). Kenya is so beautiful, I loved it and I loved the way people are. When I got to Amboseli I felt so connected with that place since I love nature. We stayed in Safari Kilima Camp, which is so beautiful, and from my hotel I could see Kilimanjaro Mountain, elephants, giraffes, Zebras and all sorts of animals very close. It was like a dream passing that was like a dream to me.

On one of the days we went to national park in the morning, then visited the Maasai village. They had a school that was build but not painted and inside there were desks for kids to sit, then when we get there the Maasai community gave us a warm welcome and we got to do some volunteering work. This was an amazing experience, because I like to make a difference in other people’s lives, making them think positively. When we finished volunteering I felt so good and I was happy because I knew that I made a small difference.

I believe in helping other people. To see the community happy the way they were after we finished helping out was amazing to me. Then they took us into their homes because they wanted us to see how they live with their families. I marvelled at how much they loved and took care of each other. I really respected them a lot and they are very strong.

During the last week of the training I also got a chance to experience new things, like travelling with the locals on matatus, which is not too dissimilar to taxis in South Africa. It was great and amazing.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to making my dream a reality. I am really grateful for all the wonderful support and this has truly been life-changing experience for me. That was my great and amazing experience about travelling to Kenya. I believe that in the end of each journey is a new beginning for new opportunities and new experience. I am looking forward to using my experiences to make.

Thank you. Sithule Biyela

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