Your social entrepreneurial agenda for 2018

The new year is upon us, and as time flies and many opportunities are out there waiting for you to catch them, making a plan of must-attend events, workshops and challenges will help you to make the most out of 2018!

Scale-up your social business, by breaking out of your comfort zone, meet experts & leaders face to face, learn new skills and most of all, have fun!

However, where do you start with? Hereby some great websites and tools that will help you to create your social innovation agenda for 2018.

Challenge yourself

Social Impact Accelerator Programs
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Do you need help with setting up your business plan, partnership development, with your pitch or with the funding of your social venture? Accelerator programs are there to help you accelerate the growth of your business (hence the name). However, only when you can find the right program that fits your social entrepreneurial needs.

Choosing the right accelerator program can either make or break your social venture. Did you know that it takes an entrepreneur an average of 60 hours to define which accelerator programs they want to participate in?

Although, it is great fun to scroll through all the different sorts of programs and their offerings, we found something that will safe you some time.

  • The Accelerator Selection Tool. This tool has mapped over 1500 impact accelerators on a global scale, specifically focusing on realising and reinforcing social entrepreneurship!

  • The F6S Tool is a tool that enables you to scan through all the accelerator programs that are currently open for applications around you, sorted on date and region.

Can you still not find the right accelerator program? Nothing works as good as asking around. Reach out to other project on the platform on how they developed their business, or use crowdsourcing platforms such as Quora.

You will be surprised on how many people are willing to help you!

Let’s get social

Social entrepreneurial start-up events
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This study has found the greater the number of networking activities you engage in, the higher your chances will be to grow your start-up. The more social, the merrier. So, what are you waiting for?

The list of startup events, conferences and summits are endless. Looking for the best and biggest entrepreneurial events in Europe?

  • The EU-Startups has pulled a great list of amazing startup events together, sorted on date.
  • Moreover, the Startup Calendar is providing a great overview of events in Europe in all sorts of areas.

Are you looking for startup events on social innovation in specific?

  • Here you can find a list on social innovation and impact conferences that are on each year.
  • Moreover, here you can find a list of social innovation events that are going to happen in Europe.

Level-up your skills

Workshops and Events in Social Entrepreneurip
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So, you just planned your year full with must-join challenges and must-go events. Do you still have some space left for skills development? There is so much to learn, and continue to study and learning new skills, doesn’t only keep your brain sharp, it is also fun!

One tool that will really help you to explore events around you to sharpen-up your skillset is Eventbrite. From workshops, readings, sessions to get-togethers, you’ll find many on this platform. And, many of them are for free!

See here an example of what social entrepreneurship workshops and events are on in Europe.

The more we share, the more we know!

We are very excited to hearing how your social entrepreneurial agenda for 2018 looks like!

Are there any social entrepreneurial events that inspire you? Did you attend any workshop lately that you would like to share? Or is there a list of must-attend events that we missed out on?

Please share with us and all the other social entrepreneurs, below :)