Must attend events for social entrepreneurs in Europe | 1

Do you want to learn more about the upcoming social impact conferences, events, awards and entrepreneurship accelerator programs? See what’s on in Februari and set-up your Social Entrepreneurial Calendar for 2018!

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Application closes February 10

Are you a social entrepreneur who started a social venture that addresses a major environmental or social challenge? Than be very quick, as the applications are still open for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award! An International award, rewarding woman entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the better.

This international award aims to support women entrepreneurs across the world, who aspire to tackle major social and environmental issues in their communities.

Learn more about the award and application here

MassChallenge Accelerator

Open for applications on Februari the 7th!

Are you from Switzerland, Boston, Mexico, and Rhode Island or are you in for a little trip?The MassChallenge programs are open for new applications from Februari 7 until March 28!

MassChallenge is known as the most friendly start-up accelerator on the planet, accelerating the highest-impact and highest-potential startups.

As part of the MassChallenge program, they will equip you with the right resources and connections that are needed to kick-start your social venture, for you to launch, grow and create impact across industries.

Being selected means: Access to mentorship, tailored curriculum, office space, and much more without having to give away a valuable share of your company.

You can subscribe here. Don’t forget, deadline is on the 28th of March!

Tryg Explore Startup Training Program

Application closes on March 4

No equity, and no hidden fees, the Drug Xplore Startup training program is really there for nordic startups to learn, grow, mature and scale their business in collaboration with Tryg.

Are you a social venture, located in the nordic countries, interested in Customer Experience and do you an innovative idea considered with one of the following topics: Healthcare, Wearables, Elderly, The Sharing Economy, GDPR, and PSD 2.0.

Than applying for this program is definitely not a waste of your time. Learn more about the Tryg Explore Startup Program here

Startup Live Fintech edition

in Stuttgart March 23-24

Does your idea or social entrepreneurial startup has what it takes to reshape and drive impact in the financial industry? Than register now for the Startup Live Fintech edition in Stuttgart, Germany.

Are you enthusiastic about new solutions in social solutions for FinTech? Than the Startup Live Fintech is definitely something for you. At this 2-day event you will get the chance to pitch your business in front of top industry leaders, media representatives, investors and receive feedback on your idea.

You can learn more about the event here

Startup Weekend Prague

From March 2-4

Do you have an idea on how technology can change the world for the better? Join the Startup Weekend Prague, and connect with over 2000 like-minded entrepreneurs!

The Startup Weekend is a 54-hour happening where designers, business developers and techies are coming together to exchange ideas, form teams, validate their ideas and build new ideas together. Joining the Startup Weekend Prague is a great opportunity to test you startup ideas, meet people who can help you and learning the basics of founding your social business.

Learn more about the event here