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In the spirit of TED’s Ideas worth spreading, TEDxDonauinsel had its first edition of TEDx Salon events in Vienna under the topic “Circular Economy”

From the location to the speakers to the audience - everything said - it’s time for TEDx. Many years have proved that TEDx is more than an event. TEDxDonauinsel has been on the mission to discover ideas worth spreading for the last 5 years and they ain’t gonna stop. In November 2017 with a new format for them - TEDxDonauinselSalon event - they dived into the topic of Circular Economy.

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Held at quite an unconventional location for a TEDx event – the headquarters of the United Nations in Vienna – the event gathered speakers from four continents and an incredibly diverse group of participants. “Organising TEDx events we always hope that ideas presented by our speakers will be carried on and heard by the people who are comitted to make the change. We are thrilled to have had an opportunity to present these progressive ideas to the first row policy makers,” - say the organizers of TEDxDonauinselSalon.

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Here are some ideas that we brought back from TEDxDonauinselSalon event on why circular economy is so important and how to implement its principles in business and everyday life. We are excited that long time member of Red Bull Amaphiko, Camila Carvalho, had made the list and had an opportunity to share the story of Tem Acucar?

  • Every person can participate in tackling a problem of hyper-consumption. Tem Acucar? – a social network for neighbors in Brasil – proves it.

Camila Carvalho, founder of Tem Açúcar, member of RedBull Amaphiko, Brazil

  • Waist is a valuable resource and offers us a good opportunity to start a business. We must monetise waste to leapfrog short term greed and achieve long term gain.

Martin Ackermann, an Associate Principal at Africawide Consulting, South Africa

  • Cleaning can be done without water which means without wasting or polluting it. A Columbian company created a product that now is contributing to saving more than 96 million liters of fresh water per year.

Santiago Mccausland, co-founder of Nuevas Tecnologías Fisicoquímicas, an environmental company that designs waterless cleaning products, Columbia

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  • To realise circular economy, universal reverse logistics marketplace must exist. That will instantly close much more of the product loop and enable the reverse logistic.

Hui Mien Lee, Vice President for Sustainable Solutions for Mandai Parks Development, Singapore

  • In space exploration great care is taken to avoid the contamination of other planetary systems, why not apply those solutions on earth?

Yakob Reed, high school senior at the American International School in Vienna, Austria

  • Circular economy is everyone’s business because at the end it is about reducing cost, reducing emissions and increasing revenues.

María Mendiluce, Managing Director of Climate and Energy at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Switzerland

The whole day was a build up on how each of us can contribute towards a more sustainable future. It was a great start and now - it’s up to us how we will move forward.

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Goosebumps all over the place and ideas for a sustainable future within a circular economy! Thank you all for co-creating this incredible event with us.